Did you know that since December 2019 it is possible to use Skype without a Skype Account? No? I only found that out today 🙂 Yes. And the best part is its work with Ecamm Live.

Here you can find this tutorial in german

Add a Skype Guest without Account into Ecamm Live

  • go the Skype Conference Page
    Go to the following URL www.skype.com/en/free-conference-call/
  • create skype link
    now you can generate your Skype Link and share the link with your guest.
  • NDI Skype
    Dont forget to activate the NDI Input in your Skype App.
  • Open the call
    then you can click on this new Skype Link. If you are using the Skype App, Skype will now open the App automaticly and you can open the call. If you have no Skype Account, then you can open the Link in your Browser (activate the Cam and your microphone) and the Call will start now.
  • Add your Guest into Ecamm live
    In your Ecamm Live App, you can now add the caller.

    ecamm live skype - Ecamm Live: How to use Skype for a Interview without an Account?

as you can see, it works 🙂 my little test call with myself