Cool Video Effects for your Livestream

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Ok, as i have promised in my Livestream – here the Elements to download.

yes I know, these files are very large. im trying to reduze this files without los of quality. but unfortunately I cannot promise that this will really work.


Using in Ecamm Live

You can download this file – to your harddrive. Then start you video or livestream – now you can drag and drop this file into your main window of ecamm live – and the effects plays like a video-overlay. its really simple.

Questions ?

Aks me in the comment sektion here or contact me via email


Christmas Tree (Filesize: 1,7GB)
Exllamation Mark (Filesize: 77MB)
Explosion1 (Filesize: 69MB)
Explosion2 (Filesize: 59MB)
Explosion3 (Filesize: 138MB)
Heart 1 (Filesize: 10MB)
Heart 2 (Filesize: 42MB)
Heart 3 (Filesize: 58MB)
Facebook Like (Filesize: 1,1GB)
Meteor 1 (Filesize: 590MB)
Meteor 2 (Filesize: 679MB)
Meteor 3 (Filesize: 2.3GB)
Particles (Filesize: 27MB)
Question Mark (Filesize: 179MB)
Santa 1 (Filesize: 33MB)
Santa 2 (Filesize: 49MB)
Santa 3 (Filesize: 130MB)
Scribble 1 (Filesize: 35MB)
Scribble 2 (Filesize: 70MB)
Falling Snowflakes (Filesize: 1,2GB)
Wings (Filesize: 39MB)
WOW (Filesize: 260MB)

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